Emergency evacuation doors for underground railway tunnels with a unique and patented design.

We believe in design, innovation and safety.

Why Trapex?


Ease of opening and closing

Designed for one person to be able to open and close with little effort.Closing Trapex requires a force of less than 180 Nw, equivalent to 18 kilos. Opening requires a force of less than 90 Nw, equivalent to 9 kilos.


Total Security

Our Anti-entrapment system is unique in the market and prevents the trapdoor from closing abruptly, even if the wiring or pulleys break.In addition, it has a rotary lock with an exclusive design and direct ejection, providing high reliability and safety to the product.

* It is possible to install this system on existing trapdoors.


Ease of automation and programming

Programming capability for opening and closing via remote control or from a mobile device.

Trapex Security

We comply with the most recognized quality standards in the industry. Each of our products undergoes exhaustive safety and quality controls.


Anti-entrapment system

In order to guarantee total safety, our unique patented system prevents the trapdoor from closing abruptly, even if the wiring is broken or the pulleys are torn off, making these the safest evacuation doors in the market. This system can be installed on existing products.

High watertightness

Protects the entire surface against filtrations produced by rainwater and humidity, preventing its consequent oxidation.

High-quality materials

Built with a galvanized structural tube, covered with a non-slip tear plate to provide greater safety when walking on it.


01. / Easy to open and close

Unlike the current system, our manual lock is designed so that one person is able to close it with little effort. Thanks to its initial ejection lock with progressive and cushioned opening, the opening effort when pulling the ring is equal to or less than 9 kilograms. In addition, the reduced size of the mechanism extends the useful exit gauge.

02. / Automatization

Ease of automation and programming so that the emergency exit trapdoor can be controlled remotely. Motorization capacity for total remote control for both opening and closing. Possibility of installation of sound and emergency lights.

03. / Transportation

Thanks to our cut-to-size system, Trapex can be easily transported without requiring large equipment.

04. / Assembly and adjustment

Simplicity of assembly and adjustment thanks to its piece by piece system that facilitates the assembly, adjustment and replacement of its components.


Standard shaft dimensions

We operate three standard sizes. However, Trapex is adaptable to any surface, made to measure and maintaining the same quality standards.

05. / Components

Caption 1.Tilting blade 2. Guided arm system 3. External opening drawer 4. Counterweight 5. Steel cables 7. Steel pulleys 8. Approved parachute MOD. UPN-100 9. Articulated arm for blade 10. Guide for articulated arm 11. Pre-frame frame 12. Hoop 13. Pre-stitching frame 14. Drainage 


Secure and simple

Thanks to the easy replacement of its components such as pivot points and pulleys, Trapex maintenance is simpler. In the case of a routine maintenance, it's also simplified thanks to the ease of closing, access from the outside and opening of the emergency exit trapdoors.
Thanks to the easy replacement of components such as pivot points and pulleys, Trapex maintenance is simpler. In the case of routine maintenance, it is also simplified thanks to the ease of closing, access from the outside and opening of the trap doors. The maintenance of Trapex trap doors will be performed on a quarterly basis, considerably reducing the time and resources spent on them.


Corporate Trapex


Trapex was conceived thanks to the alliance and vision of two companies with an extensive experience of more than 35 years in the railway sector and more than 15 years in the manufacture and installation of counterweight trap doors. Repsinter, a company specialized in engineering and commercialization of railway products and MAXFOR, a company focused on production, assembly and maintenance.

Thanks to our innovative spirit, experience and the constant search to improve the quality and safety of our products, we have perfected the operation of the mechanism of the emergency evacuation trapdoors and their respective components.

To achieve this, we destine a percentage of our sales to improve our products R+D+i+d.

Complementary services


Conceptualization of designs and capability to adapt to any specifications required by the clients.


All parts are manufactured with the highest quality and safety standards.


We work with the highest standards of maintenance to ensure the correct functioning of the product after installation.


Our team trains professionals so that they can perform a correct installation and maintenance of our products.

Companies that already trust Trapex

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona
Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Administrador de infraestructuras ferroviarias
Comsa Corporación
Fomento de construcciones y contratas
Constructora Pirenaica

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